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Iranian Parliamentary Elections and Ahmadinezhad's Discontents
On April 25, a second round of voting will determine the remaining eighty-eight seats of the Iranian Majlis. The first round, held on March 14, decided 202 seats and was considered a defeat for both the reformists and President Mahmoud Ahmadinezhad. His reaction to the setback -- the dismissal of Interior Minister Mustafa Pur-Muhammadi, responsible for conducting the election -- is indicative of the difficult times ahead for the president and his allies, whose public and official support is steadily diminishing.

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10 Most Bizarre Sports

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Iran president 'ready for talks'
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has insisted that Tehran is open to talks on its nuclear programme.

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Iraq unveils new security plans
Iraq says it will close its borders with Iran and Syria for up to three days as part of its new security plan for Baghdad.

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